27 January 2007

Comics 39 and 40 Meeting with the mayor Pts 3 and 4 - also a word about blogs, emails and Vikings

I’ve been thinking about what to do with this blog.
For those of you who only started coming here after I set up the Smack Jeeves account ( http://gilbertandgrim.smackjeeves.com for anyone who didn’t come here from that site) this used to be the main home of the comic. It wasn’t very practical so started looking around and found Smack Jeeves and that became the new home.

I didn’t want to close down the blog though so I’ve been randomly updating it since but from now on we have a new system and it makes some kind of sense I think.

From now on I (or sometimes Jess if I have nothing to say and she feels like writing something) will update this every Saturday and the comics will just be posted as links. I don’t want to remove them completely as the main purpose of keeping this is so the comic can still be viewed even when there’s problems with the main site, so remember if you want to check the comic out and you’re getting those pesky 503 errors that have been plaguing smack Jeeves recently (I haven’t had any trouble recently but just in case the problem’s not completely gone yet) then make sure you have this blog bookmarked as well and you will never go without. ^_^

I’m also going to go through the archive on here replaces images with links and just tidying up a few things. It might be time for a new look as well.

Anyway, this week’s comics can be found here and here and deal with the Vikings, even if they don’t make much of an appearance in them.

An interesting thing I found when I was doing a bit of research on Vikings was that all the Viking writings that we know of date from after their conversion to Christianity. These Vikings, I decided, are from before that and as such are completely impossible to talk to.

Unless of course, you happen to be Death Incarnate.
Then you can do whatever the hell you want it seems.

How do they know when the Vikings came from?

Good question.

Thank you. So how do they know?

Well, Patalena, the one in the black dress, has a vast knowledge of local history and archaeological digs have found traces of Viking occupancy of the island but only for a very short while.

So that’s where they come from then?

That’s right.

(Stops talking to herself but starts talking in third person instead.)

Other new things this week include a new domain name and new email addresses for me and Jess. She’s kittyjess@gilbertandgrim.com and if there are any problems with the site other than those pesky 503 errors (not our fault) she’ll want to know about it. Mine is wendy@gilbertandgrim.com because I couldn’t think of anything more interesting at the time. Email me about whatever you want. I really don’t care as long as it’s not technical issues.

I’m going to try and write these blog entries in advance from now on so I can turn them into something good, even if I’m finishing this one 11.45 at night, right before an update.


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