16 January 2007

38 Meeting with the Mayor Pt2

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I posted a shorter version of this on the main site but here's the whole thing.

Island Politics

The characters in the comic live on an unnamed and uncharted island in the Atlantic, not too far from Britain.

This island contains one town, two villages, several swamps, an extinct volcano and a lot of woodland. The council in charge of writing the island's constitution were pretty realistic about the scale of the place and as a result the Mayor is affectively the most important political figure on the island.

Some people have suggested the title should be president. Those people tend to get laughed at though.

The mayor's office is also responsible, in a strange way, for the current situation. Both Gilbert and William live out in the woods. This is due to a law saying that any building with potentially hazardous uses most be situated outside the town. This of course includes any experimental labs and being that William doesn't like the idea of travelling to work, also his house.

Gilbert's house is also situated out of town.
Basically he's just a walking health hazard.

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