23 December 2006

Comics 31-33

Comic 31
Comic 32

Those two comics were part of an attempted "Three-comics-in-one-day" day thing...
Anyway it failed as I'm having trouble finding a suitable font for a ringing telephone sound affect. If anyone has any ideas what would look good (and a link to where it can be downloaded from) I would love to know.

This strip is a guest comic and it rocks.

This following bit is edited from a post I made on the Smack Jeeves site.

Here is an extra special guest comic from one of the creators of Red Zone (http://redzone.comicgenesis.com) known as moonshadow, sent to me as part of The Webcomic List's Secret Santa.Link here.

Unfortunately (and this is because I'm an idiot sometimes) I forgot to check what details my Secret Santa wanted posted on the site, sooooo...

I linked the comic in their signature (which I can't read because Norton hates me) and posted their forum user-name.

Also (and this bit isn't on the Smack Jeeves rant) here is the image as it was sent to me without my over zealous use of the colour (or more correctly shade) black.

Plus as part of the same Secret Santa I did this comic right here.

Also (and this is the end of this rant) if you don't get the second comic, search "Monty Python Spanish Inquisition" on youtube. If you don't at least chuckle once you are no longer my friend.

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