28 November 2006

25 Going Crazy

Two days, two comics.
I am so good to you. ^_^

Anyway not much else to update here, so I will post and run.

27 November 2006

24 Bad Judgements

I decided to post an extra comic this week.
There's not much else to post in the way of news so I'll just say go check out

You know you want to...

25 November 2006

23 More fun with Vikings

Ooh, I have news today. ^_^
Gilbert and The Grim Rabbit has a new home.

The template is in the process of being ripped to tiny little pieces and put back together to look like something new and oh, so much more funky. As a result of this process it might look a little odd when you go there.
Also I know some Internet Explorer can get funny with Smack Jeeves sites, so if you do have problems and don't want to get a new browser you can keep coming here as I will still be posting the comic here as well, along with random rants and sketches and all that good stuff. ^_^

Right now to update the other account.

*Flies off into the sunset.

21 November 2006

22 Four Letter Word

So it’s that time again.

Well, one of those two times really.
Anyway here it is; the brand new strip!
Now, if any of you don’t know what I’m referencing (shame on you!) here it is.

Also, Grim won’t be making an appearance on Saturday either, so if you are lacking in your cute-animal-death intake try a little Death Piglet. Rocking in his own evil ways.

Also this is pretty rocking too. =P

Also, I start far too many sentences with that word.

18 November 2006

21 Maybe today won't be so bad...

Hmm, well when I tried posting this the first time I couldn't get it to work. I've upgraded to the new version of Blogger just to see what the difference was. So far I've found out the code I was putting in before to post images doesn't work but a slightly different version does.
Anyway that's all fixed.

Again the supporting cast is growing, first Henry and now... Well, I guess you're going to have to wait to find out what his name actually is.

In other words I haven't made up my mind what it is yet. :P

15 November 2006

20 So it begins...

I guess it must be Wednesday already.
That week seemed to go pretty quickly. I went to an arts and craft fair on Sunday. There was a woman there that teaches encaustic art, in other words painting using wax. It looked interesting so I’m having a three hour group lesson next month. After that I’ll decide whether or not it’s something I want to keep at. If it is, you might be seeing some funky new landscapes appearing in the comic.

Also I’ve done a few sketches since Saturday so I thought I’d show them here.
First up a pencil sketch of Gilbert, Grim, Thalia, William and some random guy that I decided to colour in paintshop. Also a random, sad looking manga girl, a demon Jedi because I was bored, and some teddy bears that my parents bought the other day.

11 November 2006

19 It has a point

You’d think with only doing two updates a week I’d be able to get these rant things sorted ahead of time, but no, it’s half past ten at night and I plan on posting this thing just after midnight so I guess I’d better get something sorted here.

Well first off there’s a couple of new links to webcomicy goodness down the bottom of the page, but I may as well repeat them here.

Scary Go Round: I want to steal John Allison’s brain for a day and some how hook it up to mine. That’s how great I think this comic is.

GingerDead and Friends: Again some more temptation to borrow a brain for a day, although this one might disturb me slightly.

Kreepy Kat: Kreepy rocks in a sick, depraved way. I think if I met him I might have to run away screaming but on screen I can’t get enough.

Also on another note, I’ve replace strip number 12 because it smelt funny. Click here to see the new and much improved version. If you haven’t seen the original version of it there’s a link as well, but be warned I take no responsibility for people’s eyes randomly bleeding all over their keyboards.

Also on yet another note, there’s a heavily obscured picture on William’s wall. To see the whole thing in all it’s sketchy, scribbley, glory click here.

08 November 2006

18 A Good Sick Day

...and we're back in business with a brand new story arc and some crazy experimental page layout.

Be sure to come back Saturday for our next thrilling installment!

06 November 2006

Excuses and Apologies

Well, it's been a while.
I've been having major creative block for the past few weeks and it's really annoying. I will have a Gilbert and Grim strip on Wednesday and following that I will be keeping a Wednesday and Saturday update schedule as that means I should be able to keep some by for when I just can't come up with something or I just don't have the time.

Anyway, in the mean time here's a little something unrelated I did today.

I will have that strip up on Wednesday even if it drives me crazy in the process.
I wouldn't have that far to go.