19 October 2006

17 Some angry guy

A bit of a late update on this one but I wanted to run it by someone first.
Also I meant to put a note with yesterday's strip crediting the invention of internet connection lubricant to one of my friends, who for some bizarre reason has decided to be know as Goose.

Big hugs and thankyous for letting me steal your invention.

17 October 2006

16 The Greatest Invention Ever

Sorry about Sunday's and yesterday's updates not happening but I hadn't planned on being away over the weekend so I didn't have anything sorted out.

I would write some more, but instead I am going to go to bed, a real bed as well, instead of a sofa. Ah, comfort. ^_^

12 October 2006

15 The Weather Machine Saga Part Three

No rant for this one.


I guess I do have something to write here after all.
I was supposed to be having a friend come to visit today and she was going to stay until sometime Sunday. Well, there's been a slight change of plan and I will now be going to visit her tomorow and then coming back Monday.

What has this got to do with you lot out there, I hear you ask?
Well, do you remember that Sunday strip I promised a couple of days ago? It won't be happening this week unfortunately, so the Sunday bonus strip will be starting as of next Sunday.

That's the plan anyhow.

14 The Weather Machine Saga Part Two

It's a bit late but it's finally here.
As you can probably tell I've been experimenting with the look a bit, trying to vary the panels.

You can tell, right?

10 October 2006

13 Halloween Sketch

Today's comic has been annoying me so I'm not going to post it yet.
I've been trying to make the strips a little more interesting to look at, changing angles, zooming in on the characters, zooming out, etc. I just can't seem to get today's comic to work and I'm being a perfectionist today.

Instead you get a filler drawing today. I drew this on Sunday and Coloured it on the PC yesterday. Not much else to say about it really.

09 October 2006

12 The Weather Machine Saga Part One

I hope everyone's having a wonderful Monday so far.

As of this weekend I will be posting an extra strip on Sundays. It won't be a Gilbert and Grim strip. It will just be whatever I can think of that amuses me in some way. Also the sunday strips should, in theory at least, be hand drawn and probably hand lettered. Copy and paste not allowed. This will probably involve me headbutting the desk and developing a mild form of tourettes, but it will be worth it.

Also I introduced a new prop/character today. I'm really not sure what to class it as, but here it is anyway The Weather Machine. The island's most apocalyptic AI. Actually, it's the island's only AI, but it's still pretty apocalyptic.

This bit is where I'm really cheeky and ask any artists out there for a favour.
I'm a moderator for the contests and collaborations section of a forum called Artistic Directory.

Now, we have two threads that I'd really like to see brought to life a bit. The Mural thread and the cd cover thread. I do feel really cheeky doing this but if anyone has a bit of free time on thier hands and feels like having a go at something... =D

EDIT: Friday 10th November

I wasn't really happy with this strip so I decided to redo it. If you want to see the old version just click the link below.

Beware it may make your eyes bleed.


05 October 2006

11 How to convince a librarian to go along with your nefarious plans.

Hey there mysterious people. =)
Here's another new comic for you and another new addition to the strip, Interiors!

Now I seem to remember saying I would do some kind of ranty update thing for today.
Well I still don't have a whole lot to talk about having been indoors all day. If I don't go out I can't spend money. That's the logic anyway.

I will write a big long rant thing for Monday.
Honest I will.

04 October 2006

10 Sometimes it's just too easy

No comments today.
I'll try and come up with an extra stupidly long comment tomorow instead.

02 October 2006

09 Frankenfood

I finally get Monday's post up and it's already Tuesday.
Well at least it's working ok.

This is tht old strip that I mentioned on Friday.
It's a little less relevant these days, but back when I drew it GM foods were in the news near enough every day. I still like it though. It's one of my favourites from the old strips so I thought I would share it.

08 Delivery Day

I had a few problems posting the comic earlier but it seems to be working now.