29 September 2006

07 Grim goes to work

It's the early hours of the morning again.
I really should go to bed at some decent sort of time, but as I'm up and the computer's running I might as well do the next update.

The only character to be featured in every strip this week is Thalia. I guess that makes this Thalia Week or something. The main reason I guess is that she's the newest. Gilbert's been around in some form or another since 1999 or 2000. Grim and William are a little younger being only about three years old, having been thought up for an earlier incarnation of Gilbert and the Grim Rabbit, which I probably showed to half a dozen people. Tuesday's strip is actually going to be one of the old strips so you can see just what they like.

All going to plan (and I'm not sure if anything ever does) the next three strips will actually live up to thier name and will be all about Gilbert and Grim, with Thalia making a reappearance next Friday.

I can't think of anything else relevant to say so I won't say anymore.


(I really should plan what I'm going to say in these entries.)

27 September 2006

06 The big question pt2

Another new character has entered the cast.

25 September 2006

05 The big question

The computer works you'll be happy to know and what is this?
The characters in profile?
How strange.

04 New Librarian

Something has gone horribly wrong with my computer.
Luckily I'm seven strips ahead of myself so I'm ok for this week and next week's strips. Fingers crossed I'll be able to sort it out because at the moment I can't actually do any strips.

Computers are the root of all evil.

Anyway this strip sees a new character, Thalia, named after the muse.

Here's a bit of what Wikipedia has to say about the muse Thalia:

"In Greek mythology, Thalia or Thaleia ("good cheer") was the muse of comedy and pastoral poetry. She was a rural goddess with the attributes of a comic mask and a shepherd's crook. Thalia is also the name of a character in William Shakespeare's play Pericles, Prince of Tyre."

So, Thalia everybody.

22 September 2006

03 Hospital visit

It's 5 minutes past one in the morning on my stepdad's birthday and I haven't written in his card or wrapped his present yet. :/

Anyway, I told you all there would be a proper strip today.

For those of you who know me on various forums, which is probably everyone reading at this point, and have seen some strips that I've posted already, I was going to post them all first but I have changed my mind and what I'll be doing is posting half existing strips and half new strips for the next three weeks, which is probably a better idea. So in the spirit of that, here's a strip that is only an hour old. :)

20 September 2006

02 Stalked by a demon

Well, it's gone midnight here so I guess I can do the next update before I go to bed.
It's another single panel again today, but don't worry the proper strips will be starting as of tomorrow (Friday). Isn't that thrilling? ^-^

If you need something to do be sure to go visit the forum links down the bottom of the page. Specially the Artistic Directory one. You know you want to. Also you could do a lot worse than visitng these two sites as well:

  • www.storyboardguy.com

  • niffum.blogspot.com

  • EDIT:

    Apparantly I posted this early in the evening. :/
    I did save a draft earlier when I was experimenting.
    Oh well... Honest it's tomorow already.

    01 Stalked by Death

    This is the first strip of my new(ish) comic.
    As it says up the top it will be updated Monday, Tuesday, Thursday and Friday.
    So why is there a single panel strip already on display when it's only Wednesday?
    Well I just wanted to make sure this worked really and as I'm starting halfway through the week I didn't think it would really matter. Does it?

    Also as it says up top this is only the temporary home of the comic. I was going to wait until I had a proper site sorted for it but knowing me that will take a while and at the rate I'm writing this at the moment I'll end up with a massive backlog of stuff to upload, so for now there is this and when I get a new site sorted this will be demoted to "Sketches, rants and other comics" only.

    Ok, that's enough jabbering on for the first entry.
    It's time to tell some people this place exists.